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Anne, 40 kg (88lbs) in 5 months

In June 2009, I came by chance on cooking recipes that my niece had photocopied from a book out of Tunisia. Recipes that seemed magical and dietary at the same time. As I have a serious weight problem, I decided to experiment. It was a true discovery, I discovered and rediscovered foods, tastes, all incredible. Everything was good, tasty, I couldn’t believe it. I, who have tried so many harsh and difficult diets, couldn’t believe this to be true. And yet, yes, it was true, I cooked, and I feasted, and I lost thirty kilos. But when I got to the end of the recipes, I didn’t know what to do. I still had many kilos to lose, and so I looked for Smart and Lights’ number. Luckily, the logo appeared on one of the photocopied pages.

I contacted Sophie Reverdi, and asked her if I could purchase her book. She encouraged me to go see her, especially if I still had many kilos to lose. And one year later, I flew to Tunisia. I spent a week there in her wonderful center, where, in this amazing place, I learned anew how to cook, move, eat, shop, understand what goes on within me, and who Sophie Reverdi is. It was a beautiful adventure. We talked much; she was very interesting and warm, dynamic, passionate about her work. A wonderful team surrounded her, and it was a memorable week.

In all, not only did I lose 60 kg (132 lbs) with this program, I also have the desire to bring the program to Canada.