With Smart and Light’s Culinary Coaching Program!

Take a trip to the land of sensual gastronomy and enjoy food that is both good and good for you. Savor delicious gourmet food, nutritious and organic, at our Smart and Light Centre in Paris. With our method of learning and discovery, you can learn about, understand, and, above all, taste delicious food, simple to make but incredibly good.

Take advantage of this valuable tool on your road through life.

Not having to sacrifice gourmet eating is a blessing, especially in Paris, the city of temptation. The concept of forbidden foods and a limited diet, which too often leads us to failure, no longer applies. The Smart and Light program allows you the freedom to eat as much good, healthy food as you wish.

Our young and talented Chef, Benjamin le Moal, a graduate of the famous Ferrandi cooking school in Paris, has always shown an interest in “Healthy Eating” and “Bio-Nutrition”. His mother, a biology researcher at the CNRS, instilled in her son the essential concepts of health and wellness from an early age. Benjamin now combines his mother’s legacy with his culinary education, linking both healthy eating and gastronomic pleasure.

He hosts the “Tasting and Discovery Workshops” revealing with passion his know-how and convictions. Each day of the program, his “Paris Gastronomy” food lab can deliver light, organic meals, snacks or homemade lemonade, at home or wherever you happen to be; a huge bonus for participants who don’t have time to prepare meals during the week.

Losing weight in Paris is possible thanks to Smart and Light. There’s no excuse not to!

Light and Organic Cuisine in Paris, does it exist?

The “Ethical and Gourmet Cooking Workshops” held at our Smart and Light Center in Paris focus on “Light Cuisine” and “Organic Cuisine”, as well as a mixture of the two.

We also offer custom “Cooking Workshops” covering various themes chosen by our participants. Learn to use light cooking methods to prepare your favorite dishes: desserts, entrées, snacks, sauces, breakfasts, brunches … and much more.

In the “Organic Shopping Workshop”, Benjamin Le Moal and our naturopath and bio-nutritionist Jean-Paul Meunier teach you how to buy the highest quality, organic products in the city. Here, our slogan “Light Food for Smart People” takes on its full dimension.

Jean-Paul Meunier oversees the “Cooking Workshops” and teaches you about the latest discoveries and techniques in the field of organic, ethical food chains, cooking methods and the latest nutritional guidelines corresponding to our concept.

“The dialog between the team members in the Smart and Light program in Paris is a key element of our dynamic work.” 


My passion?

Cooking, an activity which has always fascinated me … even as a child. Today, I love nothing more than to share this passion with all those who are eager to learn and discover the magic of this art, which can often appear quite complicated. The preparation of food, if it is done with love, is a breeze. Smart and Light’s Culinary Coaching program is filled with the notion of love and pleasure. Preparing food is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and if we can combine fun with losing weight, you have a winning combination.

My goal?

As your food coach, I will guide you throughout your transformation program and teach you the foundations of a healthy eating plan, a tried and tested methodology to achieve permanent weight loss. With Smart and Light, not only will you lose weight but you will also be delighted to discover new flavors.

Discover the Joy of Cooking, Especially Healthy Cuisine.

With this program, you will learn where to find and how to recognize the finest quality products. Our main goal with these classes is to instill in you a passion for cooking. We’ll show you how to prepare delicious meals at home that are sure to please everyone in your household. Many of our participants admit that their family and circle of friends love this new way of cooking.

Eat as much as you like…. May I? Yes, you may!

Losing weight and never going hungry, enjoying healthy dishes, while eating the right foods in unlimited quantities: this is our philosophy at Smart and Light.

The idea is to never go hungry, either during meals or between them. I will teach you how to curb your hunger for the day or evening, with easy-to-prepare, fabulous snacks. Healthy snacks are an indispensable element of this program.

* For those of you who don’t have time to prepare your own snacks, I can have your meals and snacks trays delivered to your home or workplace; giving you every available opportunity to achieve your weight-loss goal!

Cooking classes in the French culinary tradition:

Learning to cook nutritious, organic foods within sight of the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of the capital of gastronomy, is a gamble with odds that may seem impossible except with Smart and Light.

Although the recipes used in our workshops absolutely respect the traditions of fine French cuisine, through the use of modern cooking methods, this ancient art is transformed into one that is more contemporary and better suited to your needs.

* Light sauces, cooking methods, fabulous desserts, cocktails, gratin, fish and shellfish, poultry and game will be part of our culinary journey.

Throughout the program, we will accompany you, step-by-step, during the 8 weeks of your transformational journey, with half-hour cooking classes in our Trocadero Smart and Light Center or in Saint Cloud. You can choose a package of 4 or 8 classes or take them on a drop-in basis.

Since adopting the Smart and Light way of cooking can be a drastic lifestyle change, I also teach you how to reorganize your kitchen as well as how to better manage the time spent shopping and in food preparation.

At the start of the program, if you wish, it would be my pleasure to go shopping with you to guide you and help you make the right choices in your purchases and prove to you that eating healthy without starving is within the reach of every one of us! Together, we will prepare the recipes you want: desserts, vegetables, meats, sauces…

With Smart and Light’s cooking classes and culinary guidance, many clients have achieved their weight loss goal without going hungry, all the while discovering many new cooking techniques and culinary alternatives.
All were pleasantly surprised and say they have no regrets nor do they miss their previous way of eating.