Home'Gourmet : Your Gourmet, Organic and Light Meals prepared by our Chef and delivered at your House or Work.


Delicious, organic and light dishes and snacks delivered at your home or office

Who has not dreamed of receiving delicious gourmet and dietetic meals prepared by a master Chef with talent?

Home’Gourmet offers you this opportunity!


Home’Gourmet offers organic, dietetic and delicious meals prepared by our Chef Benjamin le Moal, young and talented chef from Ferrandi’s Ecole de Gastronomie Française in Paris. Benjamin offers his unique services as “portable chef” since 2012.

Passionate for gastronomy, Benjamin trained under such chefs as Philippe Mille (2 stars and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”), Alain Dutournier (2 stars), Dominique Fonseca (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), or Adrien Roux. Through his activities of delivering quality meals at home or at his special flash restaurant events, he loves to share his passion by bringing his cooking, and his concept,  wherever you are.

In may of 2014 Benjamin joined the Smart and Light team as Chef and cooking coach. He will accompany you throughout your culinary reeducation, as you rediscover the pleasure of cooking and eating healthy, dietetic and delicious food.


A chef’s meals in your own home


Our Home’Gourmet meal delivery gives your the possibility of receiving a different gastronomic menu every day at home, for your pleasure and good health, or if you wish to follow our Smart and Light program in optimal conditions. Home’Gourmet offers and inventive, varied and seasonal cuisine in original and lovingly designed lunchboxes, all prepared in our laboratory of Saint-Cloud by our chef Benjamin Le Moal.

We deliver at your home or office, 5 days a week, for two months.


Every Home’Gourmet Full Menu delivery includes :

  • A Lunchbox with full 3-course meal
  • A Snackbox with 8 sweet and savory snacks
  • One liter of Smart and Light Lemonade

All our products are organic.

Every Home’Gourmet delivery includes :

  • A Lunchbox with 1 hors d’oeuvre, 1 entrée and 1 dessert
  • or a Snackbox with 8 sweet and savory snacks

All our products are organic.

Our chef prepares and personalizes his preparations according to your preferences. And if you are following the Smart and Light Program, the lunches and snacks will take your program into account.


Treat yourself to an alliance of health, gastronomy and comfort


“Home’Gourmet Full Menu”

I will receive a delicious 3-course menu and 8 snacks, all delicious, organic and dietetic, at a place of my choice.

50€ /day

“Lunch or Snack”

I will receive my choice of either 3-course Lunchbox or the Snackbox with 8 snacks, all of which are delicious, organic and dietetic.

25€ /day


The offer is limited to Paris and the Banlieue Ouest*


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*Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Neuilly sur Seine, Saint Cloud, Suresnes.