The philosophy of Smart and Light



As an obese child and adolescent, I spent 18 years of my life not understanding why I was fat, not knowing what the true consequences of that were on my life, not knowing I was in effect sick, believing that I was a lazy, ungracious and useless human being; most importantly, not knowing how I could be free of this situation… From this was born the philosophy of the program, simply of being able to teach everything that I would have liked to have been taught.

Understanding ourself and our situation before we try to change…

Most of my clients desperately want to lose weight, but they ignore at first the ins and outs of their situation. The first step of our understanding is to lay out the reality of the situation, plainly, even if is sometimes unpleasant. This is a necessary step in order to start on a journey of change.

  • Understanding that obesity is not a trifling detail, nor just a simple “esthetic burden”: it can also be a serious disease with potentially devastating consequences.
  • Realizing that overweight and obesity can cause serious damage to one’s personality and psyche, by establishing negative behaviors and reflexes that are difficult to undo and require real accompaniment in order to help overcome.

This is not just a physical process, it is also an emotional and psychological process. And everything starts with the understanding of essential notions. This is why we use the words of learning, education, understanding, tutorials… because these elements of the program must be internalized into our way of life, and will remain with you for the long run.


First essential notion: self-esteem & loving oneself

Find our marks, our confidence, our inner vibrations, loving oneself anew, feeling one’s capacity to change, accepting the idea that we can go to the end of the journey of change, regaining one’s self-confidence and confidence in life, adopting a winning attitude, turning the page… All these make up the dynamic of the program and are the key to your success. If you don’t believe in yourself or that you are ready, how can you make this journey of transformation serenely and surely?


Second vital notion: discovering a new way of eating and cooking

Most of us, especially if we are overweight or obese, love good food, good cooking. We have and emotional, a sensual relationship with food. Some of the great pleasures in life are of eating delicious meals with friends or family, or even just by ourselves.

Unfortunately, these occasions can become very rare, and we often compensate with “junk foods”… and pay the price.

Furthermore, most diets (a word I sincerely hate) imply a lack of taste, of enjoyment, and, worse, the gnawing feeling of hunger… These make diets unpleasant and difficult to follow. They are often discontinued, which, in addition to bringing about a feeling of failure, have psychological and physiological effects on us (yo-yo weight, upset metabolism…)

I wanted to invent a tasty, light,tasty-looking cuisine that was delicious and easy to prepare. It needed to take on many forms : hors d’oeuvres, entrées, desserts, snacks, drinks, breakfasts, all the little tasty pleasures that we enjoy so much. And that is what we did, with varied recipes, and gourmet workshops where one can prepare and taste the food.


Third necessary notion: rediscovering one’s body as an ally

The third notion, indissociable from the other two, is the rediscovery of our body as a vital ally or our well-being.

This body that we try to disguise, to hide, or maybe even to forget, that we may see as the cause of our woes and problems, is our body, and it is vitally important to re-establish our relationship with it.

Sessions of re-initiation to sports, naturopathy and life hygiene, as well as image counseling, are important factors that contribute to the success of the method. Together with the rest of the program, they form a complete circle of well-being that will help you finally come to be at peace with this part of yourself that carries you, moves you, reflects who you are, and does everything with you… all the time.

Rather than to fear and despise this constant companion, you will enjoy a newfound friend and ally that protects and serves you wherever you go…


The spirit of Smart and Light as told by our participants