Now you can take advantage of our Smart and Light Weight Loss Coaching Sessions and “Learn How to Lose Weight” from anywhere in the world through Skype.

This two-month coaching program gives you access to the various weight-loss techniques developed by Sophie Reverdi.  Her Smart and Light method provides the tools you need to enjoy a new, more energetic lifestyle, to lose weight steadily while eating healthy, delicious, organic  food to your heart’s content,  and, once the weight is lost, to remain slender without ever having to say that four-letter word … “diet”.

This program is designed for adults and adolescents. Children 12 and under can also participate, as long as  they are accompanied by a parent or guardian during the sessions.

Sophie Reverdi, the designer of this efficient weight-loss program, gives you access to the tools and techniques which made the Smart and Light program such a success in Tunisia for over ten years now, and more recently in Paris.

By following this program, over 1200 people of all ages have been able to reach a healthy weight, regain their youthful exuberance, and live a happier and healthier life.

With her unlimited passion for helping others achieve the same amazing results that she did with this method, Sophie will be happy to guide you throughout your journey of transformation.


The introductory session lasts about two and a half hours. It begins with a questionnaire so that you and Sophie can get acquainted. The first session will provide you with enough material to help you get used to the concepts so that you can begin the first week of the program with ease.

The weekly follow-up sessions last about 30 minutes each. Their purpose is to provide a serious control mechanism for the entire lifestyle transformation process. Through these weekly sessions, it is possible for us to sense if you are on the right track and get a feel for how you are dealing with the changes on both a physical and mental level.

These weekly coaching sessions also provide a good occasion to get a better understanding of the Smart and Light protocol by voicing any questions or concerns you may have to your coach.

If you would like to start your journey of transformation with us via Skype, contact us and we’ll send you the Logbook so you can start the program right away.

For more information on our Smart and Light Skype Weight Loss Coaching sessions or to book an appointment please contact Sophie Reverdi by e-mail at:

or by telephone:

00 33 ( 0 ) 6 21 08 83 66