Smart and Light : The Easy, Healthy Way to Lose Weight Naturally

With Sophie REVERDI’S Revolutionary Coaching Method

Based on an Eating Plan Created by Dr. Albert CHOCRON, nutritionist


Our concept is to support one person at a time and provide guidance and supervision for a period of two months. During this time, our team of experts share their skills and know-how by means of an enjoyable sensory experience while ensuring you benefit from every possible advantage as you begin your journey towards a profound and definitive transformation. Learn more +

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Behavioral Coaching

Discover our unique method
Increase your energy levels
Be guided and supported throughout your weight-loss journey

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Culinary Coaching

Learn to cook light and healthy
Bring forth the desire to prepare and enjoy healthy foods
Explore and savor delicious new recipes

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Physical Coaching

Gently connect with your body
Boost your energy and build your muscle tone
Increase your desire to get moving

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Image Counseling

Reveal yourself anew
Find your own unique style
Discover the confidence of knowing you look great

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Lifestyle Coaching
& Bio-nutrition

Learn to take care of yourself
Connect with nature and with yourself

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The Smart and Light Program