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1 – I want to be pampered

I want Sophie and her team of coaches in Paris to accompany me in my journey of transformation over a period of 2 months.

2 – I learn online

I want to learn how to lose weight freely with the online tutorial program, by connecting every day to my Smart and Light e-Learning account.

3 – I am far away

I want Sophie to accompany me in my journey of transformation over a period of 2 months through online Skype sessions.

4 – I prefer to read

JI want to receive and read the Smart and Light Program Logbook, the method to learn to lose weight.

5 – I want meals delivered at home (Paris area)

I want to receive meals delivered at a place of my choice, 5 days a week, throughout the program, and receive my Lunch Box + my Snack Box + my organic and light lemonade.


Smart and Light is a specific accompaniment concept, a method of learning that will give you the possibility of changing, while learning essential notions that will remain yours forever. We wish for this learning process to be made in a particularly benevolent mindset, so that you can :

  • Feel cared for, with respect and expertise, and also stimulated and guided
  • Discover, savor and learn to prepare delicious and dietetic recipes
  • Rediscover your body slowly, the pleasures of moving and having new energy
  • Be reborn and go forward, and look like the person you want to be
  • Master your life, your body, your food, and never need another person’s help in this matter

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The innovative program of Smart and Light has been positively greeted and endorsed by many international experts on obesity, in both medical and academic circles.

Adepts of healthy and organic food support Smart and Light’s natural method, while doctors find in the Smart and Light program a tool of tremendous value to help obese or overweight people.

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